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 Beauty Lab Glycolic Facial


A visible transformation for pigmented or congested skin.

Targeting specific skin conditions such as blemishes, pigmentation, age spots and sun damage; GLYCOLIC is a unique resurfacing treatment that utilises pomegranate enzyme for a softer, smoother and brighter approach to skincare.


The deeply cleansing Glycopeel relieves congestion, pigmentation, age spots or dullness. As you progress through the treatment course, the Glycopeel concentration level can be increased to deliver continual, visible improvement. For optimum results, a course of 6 weekly treatments is recommended and will include essential homecare products.


RECOMMENDED FOR: Acne Prone, Pigmented and Dull Skins

TREATMENT TIME45 Minutes                                                                             £65.00


                                                                                                     Course of 4  £260.00

                                                                                             (including Glycolic Gift Pack)



Beauty Lab Glycolic Microneedling Facial using 0.3mm Titanium Roller.
Combines a Glycolic & Microneedling......Microneedling, also known as “collagen induction therapy”, makes small channels in the skin, ennhancing the delivery of active ingredients in skin care together with regeneration of skin and stimulating natural production of healthy collagen and elastin. 
This promotes smoother skin and results in a more radiant, youthful complexion.


RECOMMENDED FOR: Acne Prone, Pigmented and Dull Skins

TREATMENT TIME: 1 Hour                                                                                  £90.00


Beauty Lab Glycolic Back Treatment 







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